English Joke…

Hahahahahaha..Mr. Paulus, dosenku yg satu ini emang pinter cerita jokes in english, salah satu nya ini…

Once upon a time there’s a boy from Jogjakarta named Jono who learn English as a beginner. Thinking that his English was good enough, he encourage himself to go to tourism places in his city. He decides to go to Prambanan, the 1000 temples.

Soon he gets to Prambanan, unfortunately he hits an American tourist in his way entering the site. Realizing that the person is a tourist, he start to practice his Little English by saying sorry

” Sorry Sir ” said Jono

” I am sorry too…” answer the tourist

because of his lack of listening skill, Jono answer the tourist loudly ” I am sorry three…..”

feeling confused, the tourist answer ” I am sorry three??? what are you sorry 3 for? ”

Jono then shout happily thinking that the tourist answered his sorry and they are now in communication ” I am sorry five…”

” Sorry five??? Are you sick ??? ” said the tourist angrily, Jono answers ” Sorry seven.. ”

With anger the tourist scream to Jono ” SORRY SEVEN??? YOU ATE SUMTHIN or what???..”

Jono then said again ” Sorry nine…”

The tourist finally leaves Jono and thinking that Jono is crazy.

Hehehehehehehehe…Could you find funny things??? If you don’t then you are the same with JONO..hehehehehe


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