5 years ago, 19 august 2005

1 August 2005 – I decided to leave my hometown, Solo, to work for a company in Jakarta, our capital city. Leaving my house, my sick father, my mother, my brother and my little sister. Hard to do that but my father encouraged me to leave the town.

17 August 2005 – Day 17th of my working day. Been informed by my mother, that my father’s condition is worse due to his sickness. Mother asked me to go home and I decided to go back home, and maybe quitted the job and take care of my father. In the same day, in the evening. My mother called me and ask me not to go back home as my father was very angry with my mother because asking me to go back home.

18 August 2005 – Day 18th , worked as usual, no phone calls from Solo but one call at night from my mother saying that my father is in his worst condition and I decided to go home tomorrow afternoon by bus, and I’ll take the risk if my father angry. I knew the “time” is so near and I decided to go home.

19 August 2005 – Day 19th, went to the office anxiously. Around 9 o’clock, my mother called me saying that my father has passed away……Could not say even just a word and could not cry even just a drop. But I know he is in heaven. Freed from all pain he borne more than 4 years.

Now 5 years from 19 August 2005. I still remember the time like it was yesterday…

I Still remember the time when I had to carry him on my arm sometimes on my back, just to take him to the bathroom. He was 85 kgs but after his sickness, he was only around 40 kgs…

I Still remember the time I woke up at night, found the door opened, and my father sat on the bench in front of our house. Asking him to go inside, but he always refuses. So, I just sat next to him, staring at the stars that night. I could see fear inside his eyes, fear of death and fear of leaving his family forever. Since that night, I always wakes up in the middle of the night, just to see if the door opened and my father sat on the bench…

I still remember the time, until the second years of his sickness, I always brings him to Gilingan (Muncul Bus Garage) by my motorcycle every morning and picked him up in the evening. He is a police officer. Although very difficult for him to work, but he insisted to work. His commander gave him an easy job to watch over the bus garage everyday. It is an easy job work for normal people, but for him, it was very difficult, I know. But he insisted…

I still remember the time, when we had a conversation in one afternoon. I asked him whether he still believe there is a miracle in Jesus. With crying he said, YES, I believe that someday, HE will free me from this pain…


Jakarta, 19 August 2010

For my father Marthen Stevanus Mooy Nafi

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